Customer Testimonials

"Our main goal in using Ermine was to remove the need to ship source code in our commercial product and remove the rather complicated compile and setup procedure from our installation process. Since introducing Ermine we now ship pre-compiled binaries packaged with their dependencies and have drastically reduced the number of installation support enquires related to these components."

Lee D. Painter
3SP Ltd.

"Ermine has made it very easy for us to distribute our suite of applications for time-series space physics data analysis to a wider audience without requiring our end-users to compile the software locally. It was trivial to incorporate into our build system and the technical support has been fantastic!"

Joey Mukherjee
Group Leader
Developer of SDDAS,
NASA sponsored project

"Ermine helped us avoid the cost and delays of a server OS upgrade by allowing us to package and run the necessary executable from a newer version OS on the older one. It is very simple to use and works well."

Jeff Price
Lead DBA - Oracle Databases
Assurant Corporate Technology

"Ermine allows distribution neutral binaries to be created in simple way. An invaluable product which takes the pain out of distributing Linux software."

Martin Wilson
Tarquin Project

"Ermine makes it much easier for me to do my research on a shared computer cluster. Before Ermine, I spent hours manually compiling a long list of library dependencies in my local user directory because modification of system installed packages is not allowed in many cluster environments. Now I can easily package my code to run on a range of computer clusters without hours of tedious work."

Kyle Heath
PhD Candidate in Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

"Anyone who’s developed applications on Linux has run into this problem sooner or later: portability. With so many different flavours of Linux available it’s a tough task to distribute binaries of a closed-source product which work on all of them. For instance, binaries compiled on CentOS 3 would crash randomly on a CentOS 5 system. And then there is the dependency hell to live with. This is where Ermine comes in. Ermine delivers as advertised... It just works! We haven’t come across a Linux platform yet on which Ermine-generated binaries don’t run. Build an RPM package and it says the only dependency the package has is on /bin/sh!!"

Sayan Chaliha
Webyog Softworks Private Limited

"When we started working on StackFu, we had a big challenge: our agent daemon should run on a wide range of different operating systems, but the installation should really be straightforward. Ermine played its magic and enabled us to delivery one self-contained, installation free executable that worked flawlessly everywhere we tested."

Felipe Coury

"Packaging the Owncloud client for FluxFlux Ermine saved my day because I didn't have to install the bunch of Qt and KDE packages in a GTK based environment. Thanks a lot for the sponsored license!"

Manfred Müller

"Ermine is interesting even for home users like me. If you run an older linux distro and for certain reasons you can not upgrade (or you don't want to), it becomes more and more difficult to get updates for your programs, or you simply can not install or compile software that requires newer libraries than the ones found on your system. With Ermine, I was able to transform software that wouldn't run on my old openSUSE, but on a newer version I use for testing purposes. At first I tested the trial version of Ermine to statify highly complex software like AfterShot Pro and Skype. The statically linked versions run and behave exactly like the dynamically linked - including GUI. Ermine even works under a live linux system like Knoppix! Just don't forget to copy your freshly created static binary to a usb device or so before you switch it off. When I realised that Ermine was the solution for my problem, I contacted the mail address provided on this site. I got fair conditions to obtain and use the full version. I can highly recommend Ermine."

Thomas Bald
Home user

"Ermine is an application I have been looking for for years. Every time I need to move a Linux binary to a new server, I curse the very idea of shared libraries because of the problems they cause. Ermine is the solution to these problems."

Patrick Killelea

"Ermine solved a problem we had in our Linux environment where critical system binaries were vulnerable to having their dependent libraries inadvertently changed as side effect of other program installations. Ermine packaging these critical binaries has make our system much more robust. Ermine is an elegant solution for easily packaging a program along with all its dependencies."

Mark Trumpold

Ermine has allowed us to cut down our projects' deployment time and future stability by helping us produce portable binaries which have complex library dependencies and require substantial system preparation. Great time saver.


Ermine allowed us to painlessly distribute large-scale fault injection jobs on a distributed compute cluster. Without it we had to recompile the experiment setup for every different machine, now we only compile once and then distribute our Ermine-statified workloads across the cluster.

Dipl.-Inf. Bjoern Doebel, TU Dresden, OS Chair