Demo Applications

Here are some examples of Ermine applied to well-known programs.

All of these demo programs are fully functional and show Ermine's capabilities to deploy software of any size and with any number of dependencies on almost any GNU/Linux system without manual effort.


  1. Download the program
  2. Unpack: tar xjf PROGRAM-VERSION.ermine.tar.bz2
  3. On systems with SELinux: chcon -t textrel_shlib_t PROGRAM
  4. Start program: ./PROGRAM-VERSION/PROGRAM.ermine

Important notes

Bug reports

If the packed version behaves different from the original one, please send us a detailed bug report.

The developers of the original program should not be bothered unless the bug can be reproduced in the same version of the original (i.e. unpacked) program.

Program Version Download Project Name Project URL
curl 7.30.0 curl curl
svn 1.4.2-1 svn subversion
svnserve 1.4.2-1 svnserve subversion
mathomatic 16.0.3 mathomatic mathomatic
Western Quake 3 (core) 2.2_beta1 Western Quake 3 (core) Western Quake 3
Western Quake 3 (full) - data included 2.2_beta1 Western Quake 3 (full) Western Quake 3