ErmineRescueKit 0.95.0

ErmineRescueKit is set of program packed with ErminePro into single, self-contained executable.

What is good for ?

Install ErmineRescueKit somewhere on the disk and then wait for disaster :). When something bad happened to the system (like someone messing up with glibc, etc) ErmineRescueKit still provide programs that not affected and can be used for repair, emergency backup, etc.

Why not just reboot from the Live CD or USB and repair the system ?


  1. Download ErmineRescueKit
  2. Unpack: tar xjf ErmineRescueKit-VERSION.ermine.tar.bz2
  3. On systems with SELinux: chcon -t textrel_shlib_t ErmineRescueKit.ermine


There are two ways:

To get available program list:

Bug reports

If the packed version behaves different from the original one, please send us a detailed bug report.

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