Free Trial Version

We offer a free 15-day evaluation version of Ermine that you can use to test whether Ermine is suited for your individual deployment requirements.


Binaries of Ermine 4.4.0 are available for i386, x86_64, ARM and AArch64 platforms.

Platform ErmineLight ErminePro
i386 ErmineLightTrial.i386 ErmineProTrial.i386
x86_64 ErmineLightTrial.x86_64 ErmineProTrial.x86_64
ARM OABI ErmineLightTrial.arm ErmineProTrial.arm
ARM EABI ErmineLightTrial.arm_eabi ErmineProTrial.arm_eabi
Aarch64 ErmineLightTrial.aarch64 ErmineProTrial.aarch64


  1. Download evaluation binary
  2. Make executable: chmod +x PROGRAM
  3. On systems with SELinux: chcon -t textrel_shlib_t PROGRAM
  4. Start program: ./PROGRAM